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KAFTA Capture Resource Productivity Distinct Documents Total Does Not Match Sum Of Rows

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When viewing the KAFTA (Analytics for TotalAgility) Capture Resource Productivity Report on the dashboard the value in the "Total" row for the "Distinct Documents" column does not match the sum of the distinct documents from the individual Resource rows.



The difference between the amount in the "Total" field vs. the total sum of the added up row values for each user in the Distinct Documents column can be explained by the way the values are calculated.

​The Distinct Documents column shows the count for each resource. However, the Total row value for the Distinct Documents column is not a sum of the resource counts, but is the count for the entire system, so if one document is processed by two resources, it is only counted as one for the total row.

For example:

User A processed two documents: D1 & D2,

User B processed two documents: D2 & D3

=> Total Unique Document in the system is 3 (D1, D2 & D3), so Total value shows 3 even though sum of all Resource values is 4.


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KAFTA 1.4+      



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Article # 3039387