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ORA-03137: malformed TTC packet from client rejected Incorrect Database Version error during project database upgrade

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Question / Problem: 

This error displays after upgrading Insight and attempting to upgrade a project (including Kofax Analytics products).

Answer / Solution: 

  • This issue can occur if ODP.Net is lower than 19c on the Insight server. Only the 64-bit ODP.Net provider is required.
  • As documented in Insight's Installation Guide for v6.3 and newer, use ODP.Net 19c driver for Oracle 19c installations and follow the steps documented to register the library at the machine level. 
  • ODP.Net is the only component required for Insight - do not install the entire ODAC package, rather, select just ODP.Net from the list of options.
  • It is also advised to remove older drivers and confirming the un-install of 32- and 64-bit ODP.Net libraries from .Net's Global Assembly Cache (GAC).
    • This can be done by searching as follows from an administrative CMD prompt in the Windows directory:  DIR Oracle.DataAcccess*.dll /s /p
  • The common symptom in this case is an error when attempting to upgrade the project database from Admin or Studio:  "Project <ProjectName> is the incorrect database version"
  • NOTE: 
    • Oracle registers their ODP.Net drivers for both 64 and 32 bit using the same public key token.
    • We have seen cases where Insight server's C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\assembly\GAC_32 and GAC_64 folders both had Oracle.DataAccess folders with the same keys.
    • If this happens, you may need to remove all providers, including 19c and load just 12c ODP.Net 64.bit.
      • Doing that may lead to the ora-03137 malformed packet errors.
    • After removing 12c 64bit and going to 19c 64 bit, you may see object reference errors that could be caused by a missing tnsnames.ora file.
      • Once that created, you would be able to log into admin, update the KAMV project meta and data databases OK.


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