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ORA-12154 error when attempting to log into Admin console after running InstallManager.exe /i

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After changing schema information from a database move, InstallManager.exe /i runs fine and re-configures the connection information. However, when attempting to launch Admin console, the following error is displayed: ORA-12154: TNS: Could not resolve the connect identified specified". How can this be resolved?


This error occurs mainly because of the wrong bit-level of the ODAC driver is.  If you have installed Insight 64-bit, make sure your Oracle environment variables are pointing to the 64-bit ODAC driver path and not the 32-bit driver path. Verify you have installed the 64-bit drivers as well.

Although InstallManager may work and update correctly using 32-bit drivers, the connection to the Admin database by the application is done via WcfDataService which requires using the same ODAC bit level as the Insight installation.