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Theme Partially Displayed in Dashboard

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Question / Problem: 

When testing Kofax Analytics dashboard, for KAFTA, KAFRPA, KAFC, etc., the appearance is not fully set to the theme. What could cause this?

Answer / Solution: 

1. Make sure the role assigned to the users have access to the theme and views for the Analytics solution and the default theme is also configured.

2. Make sure the theme exists in Insight's Themes and Formats application.

3. When importing you Analytics solution, make sure to import the zip from Admin application and not Studio. The correct zip file will have an admin.xml file and also the project zip file within it. If you extract the zip and import only the project zip within (from Studio), the theme associated with the project will not import. Importing from Admin will also import the necessary theme in addition to the Admin settings and project at the time the project is created. Follow the Installation Guide for your analytics product for more details.


Applies to:  

Product Version
Insight 6.x