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Users Randomly Disconnected from Insight Applications / Random Errors While Working Within an Application

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Question / Problem: 

Why are users, who are actively working in any Insight application, randomly kicked out of any Insight and / or get random errors while performing tasks with those applications?

Answer / Solution: 

The most common cause of this symptom is related to the application pool where Insight applications are running in. There are two settings to observe:


Both of these settings should be set to 0 (disabled). For Private Memory Limit, a 0 value means that the application pool will be allowed to use unlimited memory for its processing needs. If a value exists here, the application pool will recycle and disrupt all users when the memory limit is reached.

For the Regular Time Interval setting, a value of 0 means that recycling is disabled and will never occur. 

Applies to:  

Product Version
Insight 5.x and 6.x