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Using an Insight target in an embedded page control in KTA results in Login failed No roles found error

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As a prerequisite to allow Insight to display in a frame at all, you must properly set Content-Security-Policy frame-ancestors in the Insight web.configOtherwise the browser will not allow the frame to load with a connection error.

After the prerequisite is configured and a Kofax TotalAgility Form using an embedded page control configured to use the built in 'Insight' target type will result in either of the two following errors:

Login failed.  No roles found.

Login failed. You are not authorized.



In KTA 7.10 and earlier, the embedded page control does not pass the session_id when launching the Insight target.  



This problem is fixed in KTA 7.11.  In earlier versions, the following workaround can be used.

1.  The first solution is to use the built in Navigation menu | Redirect | Insight target type and not use the embedded page control for Insight.

KAFTA target.jpg


2.  The second solution, if an embedded page control is required in a Form, then you will need to execute two steps:

A.  Configure the control to use type URL and point directly to the KAFTA View URL that you want to present to a user.  Be sure to include the hostname are part of the URL.  The example shown below is configured to a local machine.

B.  Create three initialization variables (ProjectId, ViewId, session_id).  

I.  For ProjectId variable, use the ProjectId value from Step 1.

II.  For ViewID variable, use the ViewId value from Step 1.

III.  For session_id, map this variable to SESSION_ID (Global variable).

init variables.jpg    Id values.jpg

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