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You can specify parameter "ViewID" in URL or just set default view in Admin Tool

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This error appears trying to open a dashboard / viewer application.



1. The user belongs to one or more roles that do not have a default view configured for PC, Phone and Tablet.

2. The user belongs only to an administrator role.

3. A view is configured as the default view in a user role, however, it is not enabled for the role:



Review all roles the user belongs to and verify (under View Rights tab) that a default view is configured for one project. When selecting the view desired, make sure to click the PC Default, Phone Default and Tablet Default buttons. A user that is using a desktop or laptop with a touch-capable screen can be interpreted as a Tablet device based on the browsers meta-data.

In order for a user that belongs to an Insight administrator role to have a default view, that user must also qualify into a user role because administrator roles cannot have default views configured. Alternatively, consider creating a user role with access to everything including a default view.


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Insight 6.x      



Article # 3039835
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