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*** Archive *** Cloud Installation Support with Kofax Capture

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Question / Problem:

Does Kofax Capture support installations within the Cloud?

Answer / Solution:

Kofax Capture and KTM are not native cloud applications, however it is supported to run them in a VM whether the VM is in the cloud or on premise.  If physical scanning is required, this is not supported in the cloud.  Scanning is not supported on a VM.  Therefore, a cloud implementation of Kofax Capture and/or KTM is not supported when physical scanning is required.  

ALL Kofax Capture & KTM components need to reside on a VM in the cloud.  This means that all Servers and Workstations, including the Kofax Capture database, must reside in the same cloud.

The Kofax Support Statement on Virtual Computing applies to the use of standard Windows virtual machines with Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS AMI.

Full support of cloud services (web roles, worker roles, auto scaling, etc.) is not supported unless explicitly stated.

Note-Icon.png MAC Addresses in these environments can change and will require customers to have the License Server address fixed periodically.  The Kofax Capture License Server requires a fixed (static) MAC Address.

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