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*** Archive *** You may not perform this operation in a transaction error upgrading to KCNS 10.0 Remote Sites Concurrently

QAID 16912
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QAID 16912

Question / Problem:

What is the issue with upgrading Kofax Capture Network Server from v8.0 to 10.0 with Service Pack 1 (10.0.1) or greater?

Answer / Solution:

The issue applies to Remote Sites that cannot be upgraded to KC 10 SP1 concurrently. If the export processes requires the Batch to come to the KC 10 Central Site, they will not export due to a conflict with a Kofax Reporting update in Service Pack 1. Uploading Batches to a KC 10 Central Site (without Service Pack 1) will export as expected.

The following error is reported:

...You may not perform this operation in a transaction. Commit or rollback your pending transaction first. File: sessops.cpp Line: 5313...

As a workaround to this issue, Fix Pack 2 for Kofax Capture 10 Service Pack 1 allows the Kofax Reporting feature to be disabled. If this feature is disabled, Batches from a KC8 Remote Site can export from a KC 10 Service Pack 1 Fix Pack 2 Central Site.

Once Fix Pack 2 for Kofax Capture 10 Service Pack 1 is deployed, add the following line under the ACConfig element in the Central Site's ACConfig.xml file:

<Reporting Enable="0"/>

After all Remote Sites are upgraded to KC10, the Kofax Reporting feature can be enabled by removing the above line entirely, or by changing the 0 to a 1.

If applying Fix Pack 2 and then disabling the Kofax Reporting feature is not possible, the following alternatives are also available:

  • Apply KC 10 Service Pack 1 at the Central Site after all Remote Sites have been upgraded to KC 10.

  • Upgrade all Remote Sites simultaneously.

  • Roll back Service Pack 1 from the Central Site.


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