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Path cannot be opened and integrity of this batch cannot be guaranteed error when scanning with Security Boost enabled

7033  ***INTERNAL ONLY***
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7033  ***INTERNAL ONLY***
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Question / Problem:

Why do I receive the following error while attempting to scan:

'Y:\ascentsv\images cannot be opened and the integrity of this batch cannot be guaranteed. The directory may have been deleted or renamed or the network may have failed. No scanning or importing can occur for this batch until the problem is resolved.'?

Answer / Solution:

This error may occur when using SecurityBoost. The SecurityBoost account is used to write to the mapped drive. Ascent does not load the SecurityBoost account's mapped drive settings from the Registry or profile, therefore, this error will display.

This error will also occur if the user logs into the workstation using the same SecurityBoost user account.

The recommended workaround is to use UNC paths.

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