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Enable Group By Batch


Question / Problem: 

What are the steps to enable the Group By Batch filter drop-down for the KAFC Dashboard

Answer / Solution: 

The Drop-Down values for the Value Field are populated by the Batch Class Property when the batch is created. As multiple values are supplied for different batches of then the Batch Field will show with additional selections.

Example Configuration & Usage: 

  1. Create a Batch Class with a Batch Class Field such as Scan Operator
  2. Create two or more batches with the Batch Class Field populated with different values for each batch
  3. Navigate to the KAFC Dashboard View (Admin - Special Fields)
    1. Manually type the Kofax Capture Batch Field as the value for the Group By Batch Field
    2. Only a single Batch Class Field is supported
    3. The value must be entered exactly as configured for the Batch Class within the Kofax Capture Administration Module
  4. Navigate to the KAFC Dashboard View (Batches & Docs - Trending and Stats - Group by Batch Field)
  5. Click on the Value Drop-Down to display the entries from Step #2 for check-box selection

Applies to:  

Product Version
KAFC 2.1



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