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Event Listener accessing the CaptureSV share


Question / Problem: 

Does the Kofax Analytics for Capture Event Listener require access to the CaptureSV during installation and during runtime?

Answer / Solution: 

The Event Listener does not require access to the ..\CaptureSV folder.  The Event Listener communicates with the Capture Licensing server via Port 2424 both during installation and during runtime. 


The \CaptureSV\Config is accessed by the listener only if the following condition is met:

  • Registry has following key: [SOFTWARE\Kofax\SALicClient\SharedLicenseServerFileUnc]
  • SharedLicenseServerFileUnc point to \CaptureSV\Config folder.


If the installation of the Event Listener is on a machine which doesn't have Kofax Capture installed, then the Event Listener will not try to access the CaptureSV share.


Here is how it works:

1. The Event Listener installer looks if this registry key is present:


If the key does not exist then it creates and puts the file "SalConfig.XML" in C:\temp directory.


If Kofax Capture is installed or previously installed then it will go to that location:



Applies to:  

Product Version
KAFC 2.1



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