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Pass SQL Connection String MultiSubnetFailover for KAFC Data and Staging Database


Question / Problem: 

Is there any method to pass a SQL Connection String with the KAFC Data or Staging databases such as the MultiSubnetFailover=True value for a Highly Available database?

Answer / Solution: 

The Kofax Insight Studio has a method to pass SQL Connection Strings for the KAFC Data and Staging databases

Enter How to here:

  1. Access your KAFC Studio Dashboard
  2. Expand and Select the Data Sources menu for the desired DB (Data / Staging)
  3. Locate the Property Panel: Additional String Field
  4. Configure as appropriate for the connection string
The value in the Kofax Insight Studio should be similar to how one would code the string; Two (2) examples have been included, as follows: 
  • MultiSubnetFailover=true; 
  • ; MultiSubnetFailover=true; 




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Applies to:  

Product Version
KAFC 2.1



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