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Batch Class Import Error 5 Hexadecimal Value Is An Invalid Character


Question / Problem: 

When attempting to import a Batch Class .CAB file into the Kofax Capture Administration module, then an error may occur referncing an Invalid Characrer, as follows: 

  • ERROR:5 '?', hexidecimal value 0x12, is an invalid character. Line 2 position 12321

What may cause this issue and is there any steps to resolve or prevent the error to allow import of the Batch Class .CAB file?

Answer / Solution: 

This issue may occur if the Batch Class was created within an environment using Kofax Capture Network Services (KCNS), but the environment which the Batch Class is imported does not use KCNS.  You can resolve the solution by installing and configuring KCNS for the affected environment or, implement a Workaround to import the affected Batch Class(es), as follows: 


  1. Deselect the option "Import batch class assignments and override settings for the selected batch classes" which will prevent the 
  2. Retry the Batch Class Import process anew.


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