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Batch Class Versioning Rollback


Question / Problem: 

Can the new Batch Class Versioning feature in Kofax Capture 11 perform a Roll Back of the Batch Class to allow edits to the configuration?

Answer / Solution: 

No, the Batch Class Versioning feature is not intended as a Roll Back mechanism. It allows for Batches to be created with different versions of the same Batch Class. 

1. Batch Class Versioning will include everything from the selected Batch Class.
2. The details shown in the Administration Module will always reflect the latest Batch Class
 - Any prior Batch Class Version selected will not show the configuration details of that Batch Class within the Administration Module. 
3. By design, the Batch Class Versioning feature is intended for Batches to be created from a specific version of a Batch Class. It is not intended for reverting to a prior Batch Class for additional editing. 


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
Capture 11.0 Administration