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Batch class uses the Enhanced Bar Code Engine Message when publishing Batch Class


QAID # 21532 Published

Question / Problem:

When publishing a Batch Class in Kofax Capture 10.2, the following message is displayed even though no bar code engines are being used anywhere in the Batch Class:

The batch class uses the Enhanced Bar Code Engine. If Kofax Capture is not sufficiently licensed to support this feature, then the standard bar code engine will be used and recognition results may be degraded.

Why does this message display?

Answer / Solution:

This is a known software issue reported in TFS 691368. Note that the message displayed when publishing the Batch Class is not a warning or an error. Rather, it is an informational message explaining that the OCR engine may use the EBC license if it is available. There is no impact to OCR recognition quality.

If you do have an EBC license and are not using it in the impacted Batch Class, it will not be used. This issue is related to an internal setting for the Kofax High Performance OCR Zonal Recognition Profile. This profile causes that message to display.

Applies to: 

Product Version Category
CAPTURE 10.2 Administration
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