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Could not find file CaptureSV Location pubtypes when Publishing Batch Class


QAID # 20230 Published

Question / Problem:

I am receiving the error message

Could not find file '<CaptureSV_Location>\pubtypes\XXXXXXXX.TMP\XXXXXXXX.xml'. [Export(0)]

while publishing a Batch Class. I am using a NAS for the CaptureSV share folder. How can I resolve this issue?

Answer / Solution:

It has been observed that this issue is due to long path names for the CaptureSV share name. In order to verify that this is the case, Procmon may not be able to reveal the source of the issue, and thus Wireshark will need to be used.

With Wireshark, you will need to input the port number of the application you are using for analysis (for instance RDP Port 3389), and then capture the trace while reproducing the error. If you notice any shortened path names such as Captur~1, Captur~2, etc. in the Wireshark trace, this is the root cause of the issue.

Change the CaptureSV share name to a shorter name, under 7 characters and then restart the Wireshark capture trace and try reproducing the issue again to check if any shortened names were causing the issue.

Note: The easiest way to filter is to look at the protocol, for instance SMB2.

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