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Custom module is missing Error 2015 when importing Batch Class


QAID # 21874 Published

Question / Problem:

Moving from an old system to a new system, and trying to import a Batch Class that has a KTM Project, I receive the following error message:

ERROR:2015 - Custom module is missing (LCI.Mailroom) [ImportMarkedObjects(0); AscentCaptureSetup(1); Process(4)]

How can I resolve this issue?

Answer / Solution:

A Custom Module (in this case, LCI.Mailroom) is defined as part of the workflow (queues) for the Batch Class that is being imported. When trying to import the Batch Class, the Administration module is unable to find the Custom Module or the Custom Module is not using the same exact name as on the previous system from which the Batch Class originated.

In some cases, the Custom Module may not have installed properly. Under such a scenario, simply reinstall the Custom Module, or in this case, the KTM project.

If this does not resolve this issue, verify that the Custom Module has been installed and properly registered on the system. This should be possible through the AEX file, ProgID and the System Registry.

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