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Image Folder Selection Best Practice


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Question / Problem:

What is the best practice for selecting an Image folder?

Answer / Solution:

When configuring a batch class, one of the first things you must do is specify an Image folder. The Image folder defines the network location where image files are stored while a batch makes its way through the Ascent Capture queues. Image files are segregated into batch-specific subfolders, which are eventually deleted when the batches are released successfully. In addition to image files, eDocuments, batch-specific log files, and batch-specific files used by custom modules are also stored in this folder structure.

By default, the image folder is a folder called "images" within the Ascent Capture Server's root install folder (typically \\[servername]\AscentSV\images).

When installed on a high-traffic network, you can improve the performance of Ascent Capture by moving the Image folder to a location other than the Ascent Capture server. Segregating the image files from the system database reduces the bandwidth utilized between the Ascent Capture client(s) and server.

If you choose to specify a folder that differs from the default image folder, consider the following points:

  • The image folder must be accessible to every workstation that may process the batches created from the batch class.
  • UNC paths are recommended because they do not differ from workstation to workstation the way mapped drive paths might.
  • Windows Users must be granted Full Control of the Image folder.

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