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Import and Export a Batch Class


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Question / Problem:

How do I import and export a batch class?

Answer / Solution:

You can export a batch class by doing the following:

  1. Open the Administration Module
  2. Click on File -> Export
  3. Add the batch class that you want to export to the Selected Batch Class pane. Click the Export button. 4. By default, the exported batch class is saved to the "C:\Program Files\Ascent\Export" directory or your Ascent installation default for the Export directory. You can choose to save the batch class to any directory by clicking on the "Save As" button before exporting.

To import a batch class:

  1. Click on File -> Import
  2. Double click on the .cab file that you want to import
  3. After unpacking, hit OK and add the batch class to the Selected Batch Class pane. Click the Import button.

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