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My profile is not an acceptable value for attribute RecognitionProfileName Error 2021 when importing Batch Class


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Question / Problem:

When I attempt to import a batch class from a .cab file, why do I receive the error message:

"ERROR: 2021 - 'My profile ' is not an acceptable value for attribute 'RecognitionProfileName'.

Acceptable values are 'RecogOptID' attributes of 'RecognitionProfile' elements"?

Answer / Solution:

This error occurs when you attempt to import a batch class which contains a Recognition Profile with a profile name ending in a space, such as "My profile ". The import engine is not capable of creating a profile name with a trailing space.

However, you will not receive this error if the Recognition Profile already exists in the system.

The work-around is simple:

  1. Note the exact spelling of the profile name from the error.
  2. Cancel the import of the .cab file.
  3. Create a Recognition Profile of the same name as the rejected profile, case-sensitive, with the trailing space.
  4. Start the import over again.

Be sure to correct the profile name to something that does not end in a space in order to avoid this problem.

Applies to:

Product Version Category
CAPTURE 5.0 Administration
CAPTURE 5.5 Administration
CAPTURE 5.51 Administration
CAPTURE 6.0 Administration
CAPTURE 6.1 Administration
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