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Not an acceptable value for attribute ERROR 2021 when importing Batch Class


QAID # 12619 Published

Question / Problem:

When attempting to import a Batch Class CAB file, I receive the following error message:

“ERROR: 2021 - '2' is not an acceptable value for attribute 'ExceptionModuleID'. Acceptable values are 'ProcessID' attributes of 'Process' element. [ImportMarkedObjects(0);AscentCaptureSetup(1);BatchClass(1);Module(1)];”.

What is causing the error and how can it be corrected?

Answer / Solution:

There are two known causes for “Error: 2021 – ‘2’ is not an acceptable value for attribute” when attempting to import one or more Batch Classes.

First, ensure the service pack level of the destination system is identical to the service pack level of the source system. For instance, when exporting from a development/test system and importing to a production system when the production environment is on a lower service pack. Apply the same service pack level to the production system.

A second known cause of Error: 2021 is attempting to import a single Batch Class which shares a Form Type with a second Batch Class. In this situation, export both Batch Classes that share a Form Type to the same export CAB file and import the required Batch Class.

Applies to:

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CAPTURE 8.0 Administration

Keywords: Import Batch Class, Export Batch Class, Administration