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Queue not added to Batch Class error when publishing Batch Class


Question / Problem: 

When publishing a batch class the following error is displayed:

Checking for errors...
The queue selected to start forwarding the batch with errors has not been added to the batch class.

1 warning; 1 error
Publishing aborted:  batchclassname.

Answer / Solution: 

This error was occurring because PDF generator under Partial Batch Export was selected which was not part of the batch classes queue.

This was corrected by doing the following:

•  Right click the affected batch class and go to properties.
•  Select Advanced and look for "Advanced batches in error, beginning with:" under the heading "Partial Batch Export."
•  There was a  drop down window with the PDF generator queue selected.
•  Changed the option to none and now it was possible to publish the batch class.

Applies to:  

Product Version
Capture 11.0
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