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Read Bar Codes from a Separator Sheet


QAID # 1443 Published 

Question / Problem:

I want to read bar codes from a separator sheet. How can I do this?

Answer / Solution:

You will need to either have the bar codes read at Scan-time, or retain the separator sheet so that it will be available at Recognition-time.

To have the bar codes read at Scan time:

Use page level bar codes.

If you do not use page level bar codes, you will need to draw index zones around the bar codes so that they will be read at Recognition time, and the separator sheet will need to still be available.

To set this up so that the separator sheet is not discarded prior to Recognition:

You will need to create a Custom Separation and Form Identification Profile based on your choice of a Separation method (Kofax patch code separators, Kofax bar code separators, Kofax separator sheets).

You create this from the Separation and Form Identification tab of Batch Class Properties, and once on the Custom Separation and Form Identification Profiles screen, you will need to ensure that the option " Found on stand-alone separator sheet" is unchecked. This setting is found on the Document Separation section on that screen, and you will be under the Patch code or Bar code setting (depending on which method you based the Custom Profile on.) Once you have unchecked the stand-alone option, the separator sheet will be retained, and thus available at Recognition time.

If you ultimately want to discard that separator page so that its image is not released, there is an option in Release Setup, on the Document Storage tab to "Skip first page of each document". This is found in the Image Files section.

Note that this option is available for the built-in Ascent Capture Text and Ascent Capture Database Release Scripts. It is likely available for other Release Scripts as well, but may be found in a slightly different location.

Also note that this discussion is intended for bitonal scanning, and the issue of recognizing bar codes and patch codes with color or greyscale scanning is beyond the scope of this FAQ.

Applies to:

Category Category Category
CAPTURE 5.0 Administration
CAPTURE 5.5 Administration
CAPTURE 5.51 Administration
CAPTURE 6.0 Administration
CAPTURE 6.1 Administration
CAPTURE 7.0 Administration
CAPTURE 7.5 Administration
CAPTURE 8.0 Administration
CAPTURE 9.0 Administration
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