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Registration Zone Placement on a Sample Page


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Question / Problem:

What is the recommended placement of a registration zone on a sample page in Ascent Capture Administration?

Answer / Solution:

If you create only one OCR registration zone on a page, it should be positioned near the index zones. The search text for a single registration zone should be clear and distinct so that it will yield good OCR recognition results. Choose text with good surrounding white space, and draw the registration zone large enough to find the text if the scanned image is significantly shifted.

You can also define multiple OCR registration zones per page.

To achieve optimal results, follow these guidelines:

  • Two Zones: Place the two zones in diagonally opposite corners of the page.
  • Three Zones: Place the zones so that the registration points form a triangle on the page.
  • Four or More Registration Zones: Place the zones near the data that is to be processed on the page. Also, do not rely on the success of a single registration point. For example, if you have several registration zones near the top of a page, and a single registration point near the bottom, the registration alignment could be poor if the registration fails for the bottom zone. Note: While results improve with multiple registration zones on a page, be aware that an increased number of zones may adversely affect the time it takes to process your batch.
  • One very good registration zone with lots of white space and very clear text will work better than four registration zones with poor quality text and very little white space.

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