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Version mismatch ERROR 2001 when importing Batch Class


QAID # 2074 Published

Question / Problem:

When trying to import a batch class, why am I receiving the error:

"ERROR:2001 - Version mismatch(14<>11)"?

Answer / Solution:

You are receiving this error because you are trying to import a Batch Class from a newer version of Ascent Capture into an older version.

In all versions of Ascent Capture, you can import a Batch Class from older versions to newer versions. For example, a Batch Class created in Ascent Capture 5.x can be imported into Ascent Capture 6.x. However, you cannot import Batch Classes from newer versions to older ones. You can't import a Batch Class created in Ascent Capture 6.x into Ascent Capture 5.x. This is because changes in new versions of the Ascent Capture Batch structure are not available with the older versions.

Applies to:

Product Version Category
CAPTURE 5.0 Administration
CAPTURE 5.5 Administration
CAPTURE 5.51 Administration
CAPTURE 6.0 Administration
CAPTURE 6.1 Administration
CAPTURE 7.0 Administration
CAPTURE 7.5 Administration
CAPTURE 8.0 Administration
CAPTURE 9.0 Administration
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