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Batch Properties report Actual documents per batch and Actual pages per batch values of 0


QAID # 22109 Published 

Question / Problem:

When reviewing the properties of a Batch in Batch Manager, it is observed that the Actual documents per batch and Actual pages per batch properties show values of 0.

Answer / Solution:

This behavior may occur when the Capture’s internal .MDB file for the Batch which holds all the Batch information is corrupted. This may occur if there is a network monitoring tool or antivirus program flagging the .MDB file as suspect.

The following versions of Capture introduced new logging capabilities in the Capture Error Log to show exactly which Batch(es) were affected and the location of the image files:

  • Capture 9 SP3 FP13 and higher
  • Capture 10 SP2 FP9 and higher
  • Capture 10.1 SP1 FP2 or higher
  • Capture 10.2 base and higher

Below is an example of the entry:

Batch associated with 00000013.mdb cannot be found. The batch data cannot be
recovered. Please create a new batch and import the associated images from

First, rectify the network monitoring tool or antivirus issue(s) prior to creating new Batches. If disabling or adding the MDB files to a whitelist is not feasible, then the other alternative is switching to the Store batches in SQL Server option in the DBUtil utility.

NOTE: This requires all Batches to be processed out of the system prior to making this change. Using this option will not use MDBs.

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