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Batch Sequence Number Skipped when Generating Batch Names


QAID # 17999 Published 

Question / Problem:

The Batch Sequence Number value is being used to generate Batch names in Kofax Capture. After the last Batch is created, a new Batch name appears in the Batch Creation window, but it's not used and the window is closed. The next time a new Batch is created, a number in the sequence is skipped.

Why is a number skipped?

Answer / Solution:

This behavior is due to the way the Batch creation process was designed. In the Batch creation window, each time the Save button is clicked, the next Batch name is generated and appears in the Batch Name field. This is so a user could just repeatedly press the Save button to generate multiple new Batches.

When the Close button is clicked to close the window, the last Batch name created will not be used. Therefore, when the Batch Creation window is opened again and a new Batch name is generated, any numbering sequence will begin with the next number in the sequence after the last Batch name that was created. This is why a sequence number is skipped.

It is possible to reset the sequence number by opening the Database Repair Utility with the following command:

dbutil /supporttab

This will create a new tab in the utility named Support. Clicking on that tab will display the Batch ID, Document ID, and Batch Sequence number. The values can be changed on this window. However, manually resetting this value would probably not be feasible in a production environment.

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