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Batch Status Definitions


QAID # 4288 Published 

Question / Problem:

What do the various batch statuses mean and how do they affect batches being processed?

Answer / Solution:

The Status column in Batch Manager indicates the current status of each batch. It is typically set by the module which last processed the batch, but it may also be set through the Batch Manager interface.

  • Error: Indicates that the batch was placed in an error state and Automatically assigns the batch to the Quality Control queue, due to an error page or document in the batch.
  • Ready: The batch is available for processing at the queue listed in the Queue column.
  • Reserved: The batch is unavailable for processing. The "reserved status" could be useful if you want to keep the batch from being processed. For example, you might want to assign this status if endorsing is enabled for a batch and you want to make sure the scanners at your scan stations are set up to endorse.
  • Suspended: The batch was suspended before it was finished processing at the queue listed in the Queue column. This will postpone the processing of the batch without sending it to the next queue. Note that a suspended batch is not reserved for a specific operator. Once suspended, the batch is available for processing at the designated queue by any Ascent Capture user who has rights to it.

For Example: if a batch is in the index module and the user decides to close the batch BEFORE its finished he or she may put the batch in a suspended status.The batch will not be moved to the next queue until its finished.

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