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Image Storage Location for In Progress Batches


QAID # 913 Published 

Question / Problem:

How can I find the images for a Kofax Capture batch in progress?

Answer / Solution:

Prior to Export, Kofax Capture stores all scanned images in single-page TIFF format. The images are stored in the user-defined 'Image Folder', specific to each Batch Class. To determine the location of the Temporary Image Storage Folder, check the Batch Class Properties. The Temporary Image Storage Folder is defined on the General Tab of the Batch Class Properties.

Inside the Image Folder, a subfolder structure is created for each individual batch. The subfolders are named after the batch's Batch ID, a hexadecimal value assigned sequentially by Kofax Capture. The Batch ID is always eight characters long and may include numbers and the letters A- F.

To determine the batch's Batch ID, open the dbrepair.exe utility and view the batch information displayed there. Find the Batch Name in the first column (usually expressed as the date and time the batch was created). The File Name of the batch's database file is located in the third column. This File Name is the 8-character Batch ID.

Remember not to Repair or Compact any databases while users are logged into any Kofax Capture Modules.

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