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Update Batch Classes does not update the Batches in Batch Manager if changes are made to the Form Types


QAID # 16069 Published

Question / Problem:

Will the “Update Batch Classes” feature update the Batches in Batch Manager if I make changes to the Form Types, such as changing a Batch Class that used a 300 x 300 DPI for the Sample Page and then updating it with a 200 x 200 DPI page?

Answer / Solution:

The “Update Batch Classes” feature will not update any Batches in Batch Manager because the change was made to the Form Type properties.

More information about the Update Batch Class feature in Batch Manager, from Capture Help:

Batch classes specify processing options for all the documents in your batches. You select and assign a batch class when you create a new batch in the Batch Manager. With Update Batch Classes, you can update batches or groups of batches to use the latest published version of assigned batch classes.

After a successful batch class update, certain batch class changes may not have an effect on selected batches. For example, if the latest batch class included settings that are applied during scanning (such as the Scan Image Cleanup profile), this change will have no effect on the batch since scanning was already completed when you updated the batch with the latest version of the assigned batch class.

Batch class updates will not occur if the latest version of a batch class includes:

  • Added, removed, or renamed:
  • Queues (renaming does not apply)
  • Form types Folder classes Batch fields
  • Document or folder index fields
  • A changed Total index field setting in the document class properties
  • A deleted export connector that was used during a partial batch export.

Applies to:

Product Version Category
CAPTURE 10.0 Batch Manager
CAPTURE 9.0 Batch Manager