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Register a Custom Module with Kofax Capture


QAID # 16311 Published 

Question / Problem:

How can I register a Custom Module with Kofax Capture?

Answer / Solution:

Custom Modules must be registered with Kofax Capture and the machine on which they are being used. The registration process is necessary so that Kofax Capture recognizes the Custom Module.

The two-part process is:

  1. Create a registration file (*.AEX) that defines the property settings for the Custom Module.
  2. Register the Custom Module on each machine that uses the Custom Module either through the Administration module with the Custom Module Manager or through the Kofax Capture Extension Registration Utility.

The Kofax Capture Extension Registration Utility (RegAscEx.exe) is a standalone console application that registers and unregisters Custom Modules, Workflow Agents, and Setup OCXs. With this registration utility, you can incorporate the registration process into the custom extension installation program or process.

This process is detailed in Chapter 4 Creating a Registration File in the Kofax Capture Developer's Guide. This includes creating a registration file, making use of the Administration module and the registration utility.

Note: the registration process must be performed on each and every machine that uses the Custom Module after the appropriate executable file has been copied to the Capture BIN folder.

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