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No such interface supported


Question / Problem: 

A .NET language Custom panel is throwing the following error:

"No such interface supported"

What is causing this issue?

Answer / Solution: 

A Custom Panel that implements .NET language libraries, you may see this error:

"Error creating user defined panel. Display name: (custom panel name) No such interface supported"

For backward compatibly Kofax Capture tries to initialize it with the VB6 interop.
But if you are using new .NET API DLLs then it fails to work correctly.

Typically, to create the registry entries for a Custom Panel, the PanelReg utility would be used.


The ManagedApi Dword shown below is the "Reference" radio button shown above.


If Dword is missing in your registry, you can simply add it.  This value is set to "0" or "1" per below:

0: VB6 interop API (default, if value does not exist)


Applies to:  

Product Version
Kofax Capture ALL



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