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COM Automation Error opening Scan or Batch Manager in new Capture 8 installation

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Question / Problem:

After a client/server installation of Kofax Capture 8.0, the installation appears to have completed fine, but when I try to create a Batch in the Scan module or in Batch Manager, I receive a "COM Automation Error".

How can I resolve this?

Answer / Solution:

There may have been an issue during the installation that did not allow for a complete installation of Kofax Capture 8.0.

Recommendations to check include:

  • QAID 8051 — Check if the COM Catalog is correct and make sure to drill down a couple of levels in the Catalog to ensure a working instance.
  • Open DBUtil, and navigate to the Identification tab.
    If there is not a Site GUID specified, please try to run either "DBUtil -install", or "ACDeployUtil /default" at the command line in an effort to complete the installation and create a Site GUID for this machine.
  • If there is a Site GUID, please use QAID 10035 to check on the Group Policies that may be restricting the installation. Also run Process Monitor to check if there is anything else, such as an anti-virus program, restricting the installation.

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