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Cannot find the object because it does not exist or you do not have permission KdoLib 4008 error after installing Fix Pack or Service Pack


QAID # 19036 Published

Question / Problem:

What can cause the following errors when trying to launch Kofax Capture modules after installing a service pack or fix pack?

[4086] KdoLib: [4006] KdoLib: Error executing SQL command. Cannot find the object
'viewUserBatches', because it does not exist or you do not have permission. The ALL
permission is deprecated and maintained only for compatibility. It DOES NOT imply ALL
permissions defined on the entity. (15151)
[4008] KdoLib: Error getting data reader from SQL command. The SELECT permission was
denied on the object 'viewAbandonedBatchLocks', database 'KofaxCapture', schema 'dbo'.

How can this issue be resolved?

Answer / Solution:

This issue can be caused by using a database user without sufficient permission to update the Kofax Capture database.

During upgrades and service pack installations, the database login must be a member of the db_owner role.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Add the db_owner role to the database user for the Kofax Capture database.
  2. Stop all Kofax services.
  3. Run the command to unpatch the Kofax Capture database:
    > DBUtil.exe /unpatchall
  4. Uninstall the service pack or fix pack from Programs and Features or Add and Remove Programs.
  5. Reinstall the service pack or fix pack.

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