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Configure Connect Timeout for Database Availability Group


Question / Problem: 

When configuring Kofax Capture for failover, then the Database Availability Group (DAG) is not properly invoked during a failover.

  1. Are there any additional MSSQL-specific parameters to be included for Failover operations to work with DAG?
  2. Does Kofax Capture provide any control of the Failover Operations?

Answer / Solution: 

Database Availability Groups are supported even though additional MSSQL-specific parameters are not officially supported.

  • Kofax TS recommends including an XML Element within the ACconfig.xml file, as follows:

    <Database>ACSystem;Connect Timeout=30</Database>

Please note that Microsoft suggests increasing the value of Connect Timeout to accommodate for failover time and to reduce application connection retry attempts.

Additionally, Kofax Capture product suite is transparent to the database application and would not provide any control of the failover operations.
- See also Always On Failover Cluster Instances (SQL Server) Overview, from Microsoft - SQL Docs

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