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Long Value storage for Index and Batch Fields


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Question / Problem:

How are long values stored internally for Index and Batch Fields?

Answer / Solution:

When configuring Batch and Index Fields, datatypes of CHAR/VARCHAR are limited to 254 characters for default values. However, when additional text is required/added during validation, the excess characters are stored in a a separate database table.

The following assumes Batches are stored in SQL Server.

  1. The default value is stored in the IndexField table and has a maximum length of 254 characters.
  2. BatchField.Value stores up to 254 characters and is populated after Validation from the IndexField table if accepting the default value, or a different value if changed (max. 254 chars).
  3. If the Index Field value exceeds 254 characters, the excess data is stored in the BatchFieldLongtable.

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