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Migrate an existing SQL Server database to a new SQL Server instance using DBUtil


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Question / Problem:

Can DBUtil be used to migrate an existing SQL Server database to a new SQL Server instance?

Answer / Solution:

Yes. Enter the new instance, database name and password, and then click Apply. DBUtil will migrate to the new instance.

Additional information:

  • This process will delete the original SQL Server Database. Make a backup first.
  • It is required to process all existing Batches out of the system.
  • Temporarily disable the KCN Service if it is being used (Kofax Capture Network Service). This will prevent Remote Sites from updating the database.
  • Verify that all users are logged out of Capture and will remain logged out until the process is completed.
  • An Enterprise license is required when migrating to SQL Server Enterprise Edition, DB2 or Oracle. Migrating to SQL Server Standard or another Express instance does not require an Enterprise license.

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