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ODBC Validation Password Change


QAID # 18648 Published

Question / Problem:

Is there is a way to change the user password in and with ODBC Validation, or export the connection without losing the mapping?

Answer / Solution:

Unfortunately, it is not possible for Database Validation, but for Database Export, you have the source code available and can modify the Setup Panel to not reset the password.

The change should be enough to be done in Main.vb in Sub SmartTextHandle(), where line:

If (Not m_bSuppressTextChangeEvent) AndAlso BreakAllLinks() Then

can be replaced with the line:

If (Not m_bSuppressTextChangeEvent) Then

Removing BreakAllLinks() should prevent the mapping from being removed when the username, password or ODBC string is changed.

After making the above edit, recompile and replace the DLL file in the KC bin folder.

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