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ORA-1045 user lacks CREATE SESSION privilege logon denied error migrating to Oracle database


QAID # 12496 Published

Question / Problem:

Performing a database migration to an Oracle database in the Kofax Capture Database Utility results in the following error:

"[4001] kdolib: Error opening database. ORA-1045: user <username> lacks CREATE SESSION privilege; logon denied)"


Answer / Solution:

This issue can be fixed by granting the CREATE SESSION system privilege for the CONNECT role. If the CONNECT role has been dropped, then that role needs to be recreated with at least the CREATE SESSION system privilege.

The CONNECT Role is a built-in system privilege with at least grant CREATE SESSION by default in Oracle 10g R2, or with more privileges on previous Oracle versions. The CREATE SESSION system privilege will always be granted for that role unless the only default privilege for the CONNECT role has been revoked or if that role has been dropped.


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