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Pass SQL Connection String MultiSubnetFailover for Kofax Capture Database


Question / Problem: 

When configuring Kofax Capture to work with a DAG (Database Availability Group), you are not able to pass the MultiSubnetFailover MSSQL parameter through DBUtil.exe.

Answer / Solution: 

This is a known issue filed as TFS Bug ID: 613927. This issue affects the Capture 10.1 and 10.2 branches.

In order to work around this issue, back up the ACConfig.xml file and add the MultiSubnetFailover parameter directly into the ACConfig.xml file, in the <SQL-Server> section, setting its value to True.

Below is an example of ACConfig.xml with the referenced SQL Connection String: 



This issue will not occur in Capture 11 and higher. Please see the following Microsoft article for further details:

What's new in the .NET Framework 4.6.1

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