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SQL Query for Deleted Batch Information


Question / Problem: 

Query to find information about a batch that was deleted by a user when having access to the Kofax Capture database and User Tracking is enabled

Answer / Solution: 

If “User Tracking” is enabled then it is possible to query Kofax Capture database by combining the data from table StatsBatch and StatsBatchModule.


StatsBatch table will provide the batch name and will show the module to determine the last module run with the user. StatsBatchModule will supplements the other columns to determine if a batch was deleted.


The following query provides a base to find the information about the batch and by whom was deleted:

SELECT c.ExternalBatchID, c.BatchName, d.ModuleName, d.StartDateTime, d.EndDateTime, d.BatchStatus, d.Priority, c.CreationUserID, c.CreationUserName
FROM StatsBatch c
JOIN StatsBatchModule d ON c.BatchGUID = d.BatchGUID
ORDER BY c.EndDateTime ASC


If “User Tracking” is not enabled, the only way to find will be Kofax delete logs located in \\servername\CaptureSV\Logs\Log_YYMM.txt . However, the log will only have the batch but it doesn’t provide a username.


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