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StatsModuleLaunch records not cleaned up when closing Module


QAID # 22661 Published

Question / Problem:

When a module is closed, the StatsModuleLaunch table is expected to clean up records with a condition of EndDate='NULL' AND Orphaned='1'.

This cleanup process is not occurring, i.e., records are retained in the StatsModuleLaunch table for modules which are no longer running.

Is this a new bug?
Is there any workaround or permanent solution available?

Answer / Solution:

Yes, this is a known bug for which there is a fix available for KC, as follows:

To resolve this issue, download and apply the
     3.76 MB Fix file (KofaxCapture- for
    COD-6963 - EndDateTime=NULL and Orphaned=0 for StatsModuleLaunch records

which includes the following fix:

875507 - Even if a module is not running, records in StatsModuleLaunch may show Null EndDateTime while Orphaned=0.

The fix has been provided to Technical Support via KeFe (KeF Extended Downloads).

Permanent solutions are available by upgrading the Kofax Capture product, as follows:

  • KC 10.2 (Base) - Bug ID 556750
  • KC (Fix Pack 3 for KC 10.1.1) - Bug ID 556749
  • KC (Fix Pack 13 for KC 10.0.2) - Bug ID 876707

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