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Could not find stored procedure procDoesProfilehaveright2 Error 2812


Question / Problem:

What causes the following error?

[4009] KdoLib: Error getting data reader from stored procedure.
Could not find stored procedure 'procDoesProfilehaveright2' (2812) (Line:1) (procDoesProfilehaveright2)

Answer / Solution:

This can be caused by applying updates to workstations before the server is updated. When installing service packs or fix packs, only the server update modifies the database with the necessary changes. Therefore, clients that are updated (but not the server) may be executing code that does not yet exist on the database.

Another cause can be related to lack of exclusive access to the database. This is commonly caused by services that may have open connections to the database (e.g., Kofax Capture Network Service, Kofax Monitor, KTM, etc.).

Verify that all services are stopped.

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