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Baseline Performance and Processing Information for Kofax Capture


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Question / Problem:

Does Kofax provide baseline information on Capture performance and processing?

Answer / Solution:

Kofax's recommends independent testing in an environment that simulates real-world data and volume.

When conducting a test for baseline results, the following components must be considered:

  • Hardware configuration for the capture Database, IIS Server(s), ACI/KCN Servers, Workstations, etc.
  • LAN/WAN configuration (throughput, segment configuration, firewalls, DMZ's, DNS, security components such as Tivoli Access Manager, etc.).
  • IIS (stand-alone or Network Load Balanced).
  • Database configuration (stand-alone, clustered).
  • Active Directory policies and configuration.
  • Citrix/Terminal Services configuration.
  • Batch Class configuration (Indexes, Document Classes, Form Types, Release Scripts, etc.).
  • Image Configuration (size, format, etc.). Scan Volume.
  • Images per Batch.
  • Documents per Batch.
  • The total number of users expected to process during peak processing times.
  • User Tracking information.
  • Database Validation.

For these reasons, Kofax recommends the implementation of a very thorough test plan that includes the above items.

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