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Cloning Support


QAID # 22499 Published

Question / Problem:

Does Kofax support cloning of a Kofax Capture environment?

Answer / Solution:

Kofax Capture installation cloning is supported for the purposes of deployment of a new (clean) installation ONLY. Cloning is not supported for an existing installation that is in use.

Please refer to the respective Kofax Capture version’s Installation Guide in the Chapter titled Kofax Capture Deployment Utility for complete information.

Cloning of the Kofax Capture database is unsupported. Please reference QAID 22498 — Does Kofax support cloning of the Kofax Capture database?

The following brief description is from the Kofax Capture Installation Guide regarding initial deployment:

  • Many companies use disk imaging software to quickly install and configure multiple computers. This software makes an exact copy of a hard drive that can then be restored on a second computer, effectively duplicating the entire computer with its installed software.
  • When Kofax Capture is duplicated in this way, configuration issues can occur.
  • The Kofax Capture Deployment Utility, ACDeployUtil.exe, is a standalone console application that reconfigures the Kofax Capture installation, and allows it to function normally on a duplicated computer. ACDeployUtil.exe resides in \Bin. This utility has no graphical user interface, and it is controlled completely via command line parameters.
  • This utility can be used with Kofax Capture servers, workstations, and standalone installations.
  • Kofax Capture Deployment Utility must be used on clean installations only.

Kofax Capture Deployment Utility Process Overview

  1. Install Kofax Capture on the source computer.
  2. Create a disk image of the source computer using a third-party product.
  3. Restore the disk image to a second computer.
  4. Change the second computer's network Computer Name.
  5. Stop all Kofax Capture components, if any are running.
  6. Start ACDeployUtil.exe and make the necessary changes to the system.
  7. Activate Kofax Capture through KSALicenseUtility.exe.

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