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Modules that require UAC Elevated Privileges


QAID # 15601 Published

Question / Problem:

Which Kofax Capture modules require elevated privileges that trigger UAC (User Account Control), and how can I grant required permissions without disabling UAC?

Answer / Solution:

UAC is a Microsoft Windows feature. For more information, please visit

  • Kofax Capture triggers UAC prompts for
    • Kofax Capture Administration
      The Administration module requires the "requireAdministrator" execution level to execute. This permits registration of Custom Modules, Workflow Agents, Export Connectors, etc.
      This means that all users requiring access to the Administration module must belong to the Administrators group.
    • Converting to a Remote Site from Kofax Capture Batch Manager
  • When UAC is enabled, it assigns to each launched application TokenElevationTypeDefault as default. This privilege stands between TokenElevationTypeFull and TokenElevationTypeLimited.

If administrative rights cannot be granted to the user, an administrator can launch it by right-clicking Admin.exe and selecting Run as administrator.

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