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AdminDataSubstitution properties in ACConfig.xml do not work for Export connector


Question / Problem: 

Some AdminDataSubstitution in ACConfig.xml does not work for the Export connector. How can I resolve this issue?

Answer / Solution: 

In order to replace custom properties defined by an export connector using regular expression, the export connector has to declare the properties that will be replaced during import in the respective registration inf file.

For instance:

For a given batch class, the declaration has to be as follows:

[Kofax Capture Advanced Text Release]

DataSubstitution=ASCII File Name


[Ascent Capture Kofax XML v7]



Specify which property whose value needs to be replaced.

ASCII File Name and XML/DTDPath are the custom properties declared by the export connectors.


Also please do the following:

• Uninstall the existing export connectors.

• Modify the inf files and register them with Kofax Capture.

• Reconfigure the export connectors for every batch class using them.


Applies to:  

Product Version
C 10.0


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