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Color Image format selection in Text and Database Export Connectors


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Question / Problem:

What image file format should I choose if a Batch contains all color images and will be exported using the standard Text Export or Database Export Connector?

Answer / Solution:

If the Batch contains all color and/or grayscale images the recommended release file format is JPG - JPEG compression.

To select the file type, you need to:

  1. Open the Administration Module.
  2. Select the Batch Class that applies.
  3. Expand the Batch Class Treeview.
  4. Select the Document Class Level.
  5. Right click the Document Class and select "Export Connectors..." from the context menu.
  6. Select the applicable Release Script, e.g. "Kofax Capture Text".
  7. Click on the "Setup" button.
  8. Click on the "Image Format" tab.
  9. Change the property "Export Images As / Image file type" to "JPG - JPEG compression".
  10. Click on "OK" and the current Window will close.
  11. Click on "Close" and the current Window will close.
  12. Re-publish the Batch Class.

File Format/Compression Format Combinations

A method of reducing the size of a file (or data element) so that it requires less storage space. Compressed files not only save disk space, they can also be processed or transmitted more quickly. There are many compression techniques. Some of them discard information to achieve smaller file sizes (lossy), while others retain all the original information upon decompression (lossless).

The file format/compression format combinations supported are listed below:

  • JPG - JPEG Compression
  • Multipage TIFF - CCITT Group 3
  • Multipage TIFF - CCITT Group 3/2D
  • Multipage TIFF - CCITT Group 4
  • Multipage TIFF - JPEG Compression
  • Multipage TIFF - Uncompressed
  • PCX - PackBytes
  • PDF (from JPEG)
  • PDF (from Multipage TIFF)
  • PDF (from PCX)
  • PDF (from Single Page TIFF)
  • TIFF - CCITT Group 3
  • TIFF - CCITT Group 3/2D
  • TIFF - CCITT Group 4
  • TIFF - JPEG Compression
  • TIFF - Uncompressed

Notes for color and grayscale images:

  • JPG is the standard file format for color and grayscale images. You cannot convert bitonal (black and white) images to the JPG file format.
  • If all the images in the batch are color and/or grayscale, you should select "JPG - JPEG Compression."
  • If the images in the batch are mixed (color, grayscale, and/or bitonal images), you should select a combination that includes the TIFF file format with any compression other than JPEG. The released images will all have the ".TIF" extension. However, any color images in the batch will contain compressed JPEG data within the TIFF file format.
  • If you are planning on releasing color or grayscale documents in PDF format, you must choose “PDF (from JPEG)” for the image format in Export Setup. Because of the nature of the PDF file format, you cannot mix color or grayscale documents and bitonal documents in the same document class.

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