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DLLRegister call failed error installing Export Connector


QAID # 13974 Published

Question / Problem:

Why does the following error occur when installing an Export Connector in Capture?

Could not register export connector.
Filename: {path\filename}
Connector name: {Export Connector}

The DLLRegister() call failed.

Answer / Solution:

This error occurs because Capture is unable to find the DLLs that make up the Export Connector.

This is usually because the DLL files that comprise the Export Connector, or some dependencies that these DLLs require, are not properly registered with the operating system.

For example, if installing the Ascent 7.0 Release Script for IBM DB2 Content Manager Enterprise 8.3- 8.4, this error will occur if the required IBM components are not installed. Required components for an Export Connector will be listed under the System Requirements section of its associated Release Notes. In this example, it is also covered by QAID 13301.

This may also occur because the INF file used to register the Export Connector components with Capture is corrupted. In some cases, the Programmatic IDentifier (ProgIDs) or filename for the DLL files are corrupted. In others, there may be hidden characters within the text.

This has also been known to occur because the location of the Export Connector was not interpreted properly by the machine or server. For example, the Release Script is installed on the “E:\” path, not the expected “C:\” path. This produces the same behavior as if the DLL files are not registered properly. Or, the DLL files may have been moved after they have been registered with the operating system.

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